8 Folk Bands You Can Add To Your Playlist

My journey with folk music began in 2012 when I started grade eleven. For personal reasons, I had to drop out of all my classes three weeks into the first semester of grade eleven and had to return the second semester. The four months away from school and my friends made me learn a lot about myself and taught me how to be productive when I had very little to do.

During those days I spent most of my time in my room, watching the snow fall, attempting to teach myself the subjects I would be learning in school, and not having much interaction with the outside world. I wasn’t going to allow myself to feel sorry for myself or to become bitter about my situation because I could not control the fact that this is how I was going to spend the next four months. I could not have had this attitude if I had not discovered folk music.

The song Ho Hey by The Lumineers had recently come out on the radio and I loved it so much it made me want to find more music similar to it. I started finding all of these inspirational and heartfelt artists who I could relate to, their music wasn’t about getting drunk, going to the club, getting their heart broken, or doing drugs, they were about stories, real stories. I found the message they were sharing were so authentic and so meaningful that I wanted to find more and more artists. There are so many out there WOW.

I want to share with you some of the bands or artists who have impacted my life and I will also tell you my favorite song by them and a little bit more.

1. The Lumineers // Denver, Colorado

Favorite Song // Stubborn Love

When Should You Listen To Their Music? // In the morning, while the sun is rising and you just poured a fresh cup of black coffee.

The Lumineers started my love for folk music and when I saw them live at Sonic Boom this past summer, I stood there in awe the entire performance. It was hands down one the best performances I have been to.

2. The Head and The Heart // Seattle, Washington

Favorite Song // False Alarm

Why Should You Listen To Them? // This band puts so much passion into their music, I love listening to their upbeat songs to get in a good mood.

3. James Bay //  Hitchin, England

Favourite Song // Need The Sun To Break

Why He Inspires Me // His lyrics are so authentic and straight from the heart. He stays true to his sound and doesn’t change his music to fit what society wants.

4. The Oh Hellos // San Marcos, Texas

Favourite Song // The Truth Is A Cave

5. Ben Howard // London, England

Favourite Song // Conrad

What Draws Me To His Music? // His unreal guitar skills.

6. Kodaline // Dublin, Ireland 

Favourite Song // One Day

How Can This Band Possibly Be This Amazing? // I ask myself this question often.

7. Wake Owl // Vancouver, British Columbia

Favourite Song // Wild Country

8. Passenger // Brighton, UK

Favourite Song // Words

I recently just went to Passenger’s show in Edmonton and was in awe. The way he engaged with the audience and shared his heartfelt stories was amazing.

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